New perspectives on understanding and overcoming unintended biases inpatient care

As healthcare providers, we aim to provide the highest quality care to our patients and remain fair in our practices. Unfortunately, research studies show that even though we have the best of intentions, our unconscious and unintended biases can get in the way of achieving this goal. Furthermore, many unconscious bias trainings have unexpected effects, increasing anxiety without improving care. This learning experience eliminates the negative impact of prior training. It provides new insights from brain imaging and other neurocognitive studies into the causes and remedies for unintended, unconscious biases in patient care.
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    Headaches: How physiotherapy can help patients that suffer from headaches

    Clinical evidence shows that physiotherapy is effective for many types of headaches by using a combination of manual therapy (massage, mobilisation or manipulation), exercise therapy (stretching and strengthening exercises) and specific advice. In our online course we can help you become an expert in the clinical treatment of different forms of headaches.
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    Alex Collins

    Alex Collins is a sport scientist since 2002. He has a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and has been teaching training athletes for over 15 years in Chicago. Alex has worked with several teams for Olympic Games. Since 2019, he is working as a consultant in multiple teams, in building their performance strategy.
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