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Courses that meet the requirements of California State Laws

Courses that meet the requirements of CA SB464, the Dignity in Pregnancy & Childbirth Act,  are provided to California providers for free due to generous grants from the California Healthcare Foundation

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In the wrong place? Can't see anything? If you are not living or working in California, the free courses will not appear. 

After completing the course you will receive a certificate to document completion.
In addition, CE credit (ACCME or AANC) by brief exam can be earned here.

Other Courses that Meet the Requirements of
California Laws and Regulations


Complete the course to receive a certificate.
If you wish to earn CE, after completing the course, enroll in the CE version of the course.

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Courses for Physicians and Physician Trainees

Courses for physicians and physician trainees. May also benefit Advanced Practice Nurses and Physicians Assistants.

Courses for Nurses and Nursing Students

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