Caring for Transgender & Gender Diverse Patients

⏰ 50 minutes (plus optional activities)

🏆 1.0 ANCC and ACCME Continuing Education credit available

📜 Certificate of Completion

⚖️ Meets Requirement of CA SB 923, The TGI Inclusive Care Act
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Lead author Julia Prezedworski, PhD and co-authored by the Diversity Science community of experts.
Separate Versions for Nurses, Physicians, and Allied Health Care Providers

Why This Course

Understanding the unique healthcare experiences of gender-diverse individuals is crucial to ensuring their well-being and promoting equitable care. This video learning course will give you valuable insights into providing compassionate and inclusive healthcare to transgender and gender-diverse patients. You will learn best practices for implementing these concepts to deliver high-quality and clinically appropriate care for transgender and gender-diverse patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the importance of incorporating gender diversity concepts in clinical care.
  • Incorporate gender-inclusive terminology to ensure a respectful and inclusive environment for gender-diverse patients.
  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate miscommunications that may arise during patient care.
  • Apply best practices for effective communication

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Physicians, APNs, PAs

Allied Health Care Providers


What your colleagues say

As a Queer woman who works in healthcare I was very impressed by this course. It makes me so relieved and glad that we are trying to educate others in the healthcare setting, as healthcare trauma is very real for people who fall under the trans/enby umbrella. My oldest is also NB and it gives me hope that as they grow up and become an adult, they will have medical staff that are more trained in how to help them. I loved the clickable definitions of each gender word, and how the presenters appeared to be genderqueer themselves. I already am well versed in this as I am apart of the LGBTQIA community, but I did find it very helpful to hear how to ask about sensitive subjects ie body parts of partners. I remember seeing a small glitch in the final part of the course, the presenter got cut off with a quoted slide. Other than that, I was very impressed and pleased with the videos. This will be immensely helpful for both the healthcare providers and the patients
I found this course to be insightful and invaluable. As a heterosexual male individuals, I have not thought about the sensitive topics that I need to modify when communicating with a transgender/spectrum individuals. I learn that I can't make assumption based on their physical appearance. 
Overall a very high quality and educative learning material which i would definitely recommend for health providers. In fact this learning materials goes beyond the target group. 
I think this course will certainly help healthcare staff and provides to promote a safe environment for future patients. The instruction material was delivered in a very easy to understand manner. The content was instructional with no signs of it being off putting to any viewer. 
This course was very meaningful all the way through and gives me motivation to continue providing the best health care I can to patients of all backgrounds. Overall, I found this course to be relevant and hope to implement what I learned moving forward.
Fun and extremely well put together! 

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