Are you Trying to improve the world?

Help Us Change The World AND
Raise Funds for Your Program
At the Same Time

The Goals of the Diversity Science Associate Program

 Expand the documented benefits of our on-demand training by improving access for clinicians and providers
Support fund-raising for mission-aligned organizations and individuals

How Do We Join?

6 easy steps 

#1 Reach Out

Let us know you are interested. It takes about 5 minutes to answer questions. The approval process is quick.

#2 Get Information you Need to Get Started 

If approved, we will email you with the information you need to get started (it's easy) and answer any questions you have

#3 Choose

You decide what courses, pages, or subsets of courses you want to offer your learners. You can offer the entire catalog or only a subset based on topic or learner role. 

#4 Communicate with Learners

You will have a unique link with your associate ID embedded. You can put that link anywhere that makes it easy for your learners to use.

#5 Receive funds

When someone visits the link you shared and pays the course fees, you'll earn 30% not only on the initial tuition but also on any fees they pay for other bundles or subscriptions 

#6 Achieve your mission

Use your funds to help achieve your mission

Frequently asked questions

1. Are any fees or costs associated with becoming a Diversity Science Associate?

No. Zip. Zero.

2. Can anyone become a Diversity Science Associate?

No. However, any healthcare organization, association, provider group, facilitator, or other organization working for a positive cause will be welcomed with open arms.

3. Is there an agreement I must accept before becoming an associate?

To become an Associate, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Associate Program. 

4.  Can I review your course before becoming an associate? 

Of course! In fact, we insist that you do.

5. I want to use your course(s) as an adjunct to or part of my training program. Do you have any materials that would support live training? 

We have a facilitator guide, supporting handouts, and group activity ideas.  That is a slightly different program so contact us at

6. What do you do with the funds YOU are raising?

We develop new courses. Our process involves engaging subject matter experts and extensive testing and revision before a course is launched. Its expensive. We also make sure our staff have the compensation and benefits they deserve. Essentially, we invest the funds in advancing our mission.

7. I have another, much better question. 

Excellent!! Contact us at or call 612-524-5841