For Admin, Reception, Clerical: Preventing Biases During Health Care Crises

⏰ 15 Minutes plus optional activities

📜 Certificate of Completion

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What Your Colleagues Say:

“I enjoyed the course. I think it did a great job of naming what stereotype threat is, what some concrete examples look like, and how to manage it in the workplace and to help others who might be experiencing it.”

“An excellent and unexpectedly valuable experience.”

“I thought this was extremely insightful and not something they let people talk about. I actually had never had a learning experience about this and felt like it is something that I will think about going forward…”

We all want to show up at our best and bring out the best in our colleagues.

If you interact with patients but are not a clinician or provider, this course is for you.

Research shows that despite our best intentions, racial and ethnic minority patients are not always treated with kindness and respect.

This course, funded by the California Health Care Foundation, was developed in response to the major healthcare inequities highlighted and exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will learn why the pandemic heightened existing inequities and biases and empowers learners to interrupt racial bias and protect patients from racism.

Learners will see two real-life case examples of the way unintended biases can contribute to inequities in care. Learners will also be introduced to core concepts you can use to build structural competency – the way social structure and systemic inequities affect patients.

Completing this course will empower you with realistic strategies that will make you part of the solution to racial and ethnic inequities in health care.

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This course will enable you to:

Describe the why and how stress exacerbates unintended biases.     

Explain the benefits of understanding social structure for providing high quality care to all patients.     

Provide examples of the way they will apply evidence-based bias-prevention to improve patient care.

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